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Nurses Week 2019

We appreciate all our hard working Nurses at Regent Healthcare and want to remind everyone to hug a Nurse during Nurses Week, May 6th thru 12th 2019.


Our Caregiver, Glenn, went above and beyond for her client when he started showing signs of distress. She was fast acting, utilized her Office Support to get him the proper care he needed to stabilize. Family was very grateful for her support and couldn’t thank her enough for a job well done! Thank you Glenn. Your Genuine approach in caring for your client exceeds our Regent Standard. We appreciate you!


Teamwork Our GNA, Lizzie, showed exceptional care and concentrated service for her Client last week. With Lizzie’s help and caregiver skill, our Delegating Nurse, Lisa, was able to confirm the clients need for more assistance and get her the proper attention. Lizzie’s concern for her client combined with using Regent’s educational tools, brought peace of mind to the client, her family, and the facility Regent partners with. Great job Lizzie! You exude High Quality Care and Elevated Service.


Erin, one of our wonderful Client Services Managers, received a phone call about our caregiver, Peace! The client’s daughter raved about how wonderful she has been with her father. Especially when he ended up in the hospital. She loved the way Peace interacted with her dad. She also stated the facility’s receptionist raved about Peace’s professionalism! Way to go Peace! We can’t thank you enough for CONSISTENTLY being the best you can be.

A Referral’s Review

We love when we receive Compliments from our Facility Referral Sources! A Social worker from a long-term care facility where a few of Regents caregivers provides excellent service reached out stating, ” Your caregivers are so sweet and professional. They do an excellent job with some of the most difficult patients in our community.”  Thank you to all our Regent caregivers for providing Excellence in Service to our Regent Clients. We Appreciate YOU ALL!