Setting up Services with Regent Healthcare

Setting up Services with Regent Healthcare


Initial Call & Care Consultation Meeting

Regent Healthcare is available 7 days a week to discuss our services and the specific needs of you or your loved one.  During the initial call, we ask questions to form a basic needs assessment.  After the call, we set up an in-home visit where we meet with you and your family.  This visit allows us to gather more information, answer questions and discover the best personality fit when selecting a caregiver.  Regent’s Care Consultants are very familiar with other community resources in the event guidance is needed in other areas.

Caregiver Placement

Once you decide to move forward with Regent and complete all necessary paperwork, you will be assigned someone from our Client Services team.  This individual will become your primary point of contact in the office related to caregiver scheduling and communication.  Caregiver compatibility is guaranteed, and if the right match is not made the first time, a replacement will be made.  Regent is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week should questions, or emergencies come up after hours.  If you want to make changes to the schedule or cancel the service, we only ask for 24 hours’ notice.

RN Assessment & Care Plan

All our clients have full nursing oversight throughout their course of care with us.  One of our RN’s will do an initial assessment visit where a care plan will be put in place.  If a change in condition occurs, the care plan can be changed at that time.  Our nurses are a phone call away should our caregivers have any questions when they are in the home with a client.  Our caregivers keep extensive notes about the care they provide which can be viewed by the family.

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