Regents Stance on Supplies

With Hospitals being the first to receive PPE, Regent Healthcare, Inc. has been working effortlessly in requesting assistance through any outlet available. Thus far, we have:

  • Coordinated with state and local emergency management agencies to get on the list for PPEs
  • Made Daily supply runs to numerous stores surrounding each of our 4 locations (Central, Chestertown, Eastern Shore, Southern Maryland)
  • Submitted orders through Amazon and Staples weeks ago


Our efforts are to rebuild our Emergency Supply Locker. At this time, we have very limited quantities of:

  • Latex gloves
  • Food prep gloves
  • Surgical masks (for use only when patients are symptomatic per CDC)
  • Gown (for use only when patients are symptomatic per CDC)
  • Disposal shoe covers and head gear


Regent does not have cleaning supplies.  We have educated our Caregivers and clients to be resourceful and use soap and water or other bleach products as Lysol spray and wipes are not available at this time.


If you are a member of our Regent Family, please contact us for PPE needs so we can do our best to accommodate and assist.