Regent’s Senior Community Card Campaign – Take Two

Regent has pledged to spread cheer to our partnering senior communities during this trying time. With that said, we started a CARD CAMPAIGN and it was a HUGE SUCCESS! So, WE WANT TO TO IT AGAIN!
With the COVID-19 pandemic, our communities are on lockdown and unable to receive visitors (even family members!). Yes, phone calls are allowed, but depending on their diagnosis, even phone calls can be challenging.

WHAT TO DO? Grab a box of greeting cards and you and your family can start writing, coloring, stamping, or putting stickers inside with uplifting quotes or a simple, “Hi”. Pictures are a great way to stimulate the mind, so get creative! Need some ideas on what to write? ANYTHING! Just don’t send any blank ones.

Teachers want to give something for your students to do? Decorate a card and send to Regent!

WHERE TO SEND? Please mail your cards to our Central Location office at 2288 Blue Water Blvd. Suite 304, Odenton, MD 21113. Address to Regent Cares. Please mail by Thursday, April 30th.

Thank you and welcome to the Regent Family. We are #proudtobeessential