Regent Kick’s off it’s Caregiver Dementia Education and Behavioral Management Training Program – Regent CONNECTed Care ™

Regent is please to announce that it has worked in collaboration with Shore Neurocognitive Health who developed a Dementia educational program specifically for Regent’s caregivers.  This training will equip Regents’ caregivers with the knowledge, tools and behavioral management techniques to deliver the very best care for our clients who have  dementia.  Regent caregivers will receive training and achieve progressive levels of certification in dementia care.  The training will be rolled out in phases to Regent caregivers over the coming months.


Dementia is a syndrome encompassing changes in cognition, functional status, language and judgement.  Non-cognitive neuropsychiatric symptoms (NPS), including agitation, aggression, delusions and wandering, are estimated to occur in more than 65% of individuals in severe stage of dementia.  Regent CONNECTed Care ™ provides a three-fold strategy to enhance care to the individual with dementia through education by:


1) improving understanding of disease processes that cause dementia,

2) behavioral management training for the non-cognitive behavioral  symptoms of dementia and

3) observational learning through vicarious experience.


This enhanced education of our caregivers is our continue commitment to our mission of: 1)Giving peace of mind to our clients and the people who love them, 2)supportin our client’s optimum level of independence, 3) Maintaining our Client’s dignity and 4) Enhancing our Clients’s quality of life and well being.