Press Release

Regent Healthcare and Shore Neurocognitive Health Partner to Create Dementia Training Program for Professional Caregivers

All Regent Healthcare staff to complete CONNECTed Care™ dementia education and behavioral management training curriculum

Odenton, Md. – Regent Healthcare, the largest, non-franchised Home Care Agency in Central Maryland, has partnered with Shore Neurocognitive Health in Easton to create CONNECTed Care™, a dementia education and behavioral management training course for professional caregivers. Designed exclusively for Regent Healthcare employees, this multi-level certification program focuses on the unique challenges of providing in-home care for patients with Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias throughout the disease process. All Regent employees, including caregivers and administrative staff, will complete the CONNECTed Care curriculum by early 2019.

“Providing our caregivers and staff with this specialized training program speaks directly to our mission to enhance every client’s quality of life and well-being, including those living with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia,” said Felton Magee, President and CEO of Regent Healthcare. “It is important to make sure our employees have a thorough understanding of these clients’ unique needs, and we are thrilled to have the opportunity to work with the local experts at Shore Neurocognitive Health to help us meet these needs successfully.”

An evidence-based program, the CONNECTed CARE curriculum takes a three-fold strategy:

  • Improving understanding of the disease processes that cause dementia;
  • Behavioral management training for the non-cognitive behavioral symptoms of dementia;
  • Hand-on instruction

By implementing CONNECTed CARE, Regent hopes to increase positive outcomes for its clients, including better overall patient care, reduced hospital admissions, and a possible reduction in use of psychiatric medication.

“From the top down, Felton and the staff at Regent are committed to advancing the education of their employees to provide the highest quality of care,” said Beth Parker-O’Brien, Owner, Shore Neurocognitive Health. “With the knowledge and skills gained through this program, Regent’s caregivers will be able to provide dementia patients and families with better care, better communication, and overall a more meaningful life.”