Regent Healthcare Chosen for Panel Discussion

Regent Healthcare Chosen for Aging in Place Panel Discussion

Regent Healthcare was chosen to participate in a panel discussion, along with 7 other Healthcare professionals, for their expertise on Aging in Place, a term used to describe the ability to live in one’s own home and community safely, independently, and comfortably.  Tricia Joseph, Regent Healthcare’s Senior Care Consultant spoke about the variety of services Regent Healthcare provides to make Aging in Place a reality for seniors throughout Maryland.

The panel discussion was held on Wednesday, February 7th at the Howard County General Hospital.  It was a pre-registered event, open to the general public, and designed specifically for familial caregivers and their senior parents.  Regent Healthcare was chosen as the only Private Duty Homecare Company to speak about their services.  Each speaker was given 20 minutes to discuss their individual contributions to the promotion of Aging in Place.

The majority of seniors, ages 65+, will experience physical, mental, and health related changes that make it difficult to complete every day tasks, or activities of daily living.  The panel was designed to be an educational resource for seniors and their families, and a place to turn to when it is time to make those difficult decisions about the future.  The key takeaway from the experts is that every individual and family has unique needs.  Healthcare organizations that promote Aging in Place can coordinate together and with families to meet the changing needs of seniors, in the comfort of their own home.


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