Since the moment COVID-19 reached the United States, Regent Healthcare has been diligently working to protect both our clients and caregivers. Because, once you choose Regent, you are family. Now, our bond has strengthened through trust and appreciation so much, that we began a social media campaign to showcase how strong we are. #proudtobeessential is a way for our caregivers to express their joy of caring for our senior community. Their clients are forever grateful for the consistent and compassionate care these individuals provide; therefore, we will ensure we take the proper precautions in preventing the spread of COVID-19. To follow our campaign, please visit both our Facebook and Twitter accounts for daily updates on what Regent is doing for their community and caregivers. For we are #oneregent.



I love helping people in need. I love to see them smile every day I come to work. Back home, I always wanted to be a nurse after being with my mother for two months in the hospital in Freetown, Sierra Leone. I decided to help the elderly. I enjoyed doing it and am proud to be part of Regent. They are lovely people to work with ❤️❤️.


Regent’s Director of Nursing

My clients are very important to me. They have the utmost faith that I will direct their care safely, accurately, and reliably. #proudtobeessential #oneregent



Recruiting, Paris sorting through new caregiver candidates to make sure we can fill our Client’s schedules without missing a beat!



I am proud to be essential because everyone I meet is so very nice and helpful. Also, I am happy to be a part of the Regent family.



I am proud to be a home health care aide because Regent appreciates their employees and we really care about our clients.



I’m proud to be essential because it means a lot to me knowing my client can depend on me no matter the situation I’m trusting God during this pandemic.


President & CEO

Here is our President & CEO, Felton Magee wearing one of our donated masks while hosting our weekly COVID-19 informational Conference Call. These calls are to provide our caregivers the most up-to-date and crucial information for preparedness & peace of mind.



I am grateful to be an essential worker. Taking care of my client is the best part of my day!


Senior Care Consultant

Senior Care Consultant, Tricia Joseph, is taking advantage of the sunny day to deliver masks to our caregivers. Front Drop off, of course.



To make someone smile in times like this is rewarding in itself. They may forget your name, but they will never forget how you made them feel! Happy to be a Healthcare worker!!!



I am grateful to be able to provide and care for patients in a time filled with anxiety, fear, and uncertainty – Being a source of light and reliability.



I am proud to be an essential worker, especially through these uncertain times because we all need each other. Our clients depend and look forward to us coming every day. Helping them do what they once could do on their own. It’s always been my passion. And I find joy knowing that I’ve been apart of their journey in life and knowing we made just a little difference brings me happiness.


Senior Care Consultant

Delivering PPE to our Care Teams is priority #1. Senior Care Consultant, Melissa Pittman stopped by to re-up glove and mask supplies before making her rounds.



I’m proud to be a regent health care essential worker, I love what I do as a certified nursing assistant my skills are to perfection and my job is to make sure my clients are kept safe clean protected and satisfied 💙



I am proud to be an essential Certified Nursing Assistant because it means the world to me that I am able to help those in need of my care, love, joy, and happiness to any new member of my “family” I come across. I have been caring for young and old since I was 16 years old and I haven’t changed this far because of the love I have received from my new “family members”. I Iove what I do and do what I love.



I had a dream one day that I wanted to be a nurse. And as they say, my dream came true.


Clinical Supervisor

More than ever, I am #proudtobeessential right now. Our Senior Community rely on us and we can’t let them down. We are #oneregent.



When not with her clients, Donaha takes the time in making masks to ensure her team and client is prepared. #proudtobeessential #oneregent


Client Services Manager

I’m proud to be an essential team member of Regent Healthcare. We take what we do extremely serious and we do it “Best” every single day. Every team member understands and exudes what being “Nimble” means.



I am grateful to be able to comfort and care for our clients in this time of need. I’m happy we can provide relief and reassurance not only to my clients but their family that can’t visit at this time. #proudtobeessential #oneregent


Business Manager

Melissa stopped by our Chestertown office to pick up PPE donated by the Kent County Health Department. Thank you Kent County!


Clinical Supervisor

I have the sacred honor and rare opportunity of being able to help the people in my communities safely remain in their homes while receiving top-quality care. I am #proudtobeessential because every day I wake up with the chance to be a part of making someone else’s day better, healthier and safer; allowing the family a chance to breathe a little easier at night knowing their loved one is being cared for in the best possible ways.  I am proud to be a nurse and I cherish every second of it.



I am proud to be essential and a part of an outstanding team of so many great nurses, caregivers and leaders! Thank you for always being there to help with whatever crazy situation I have!


Clinical Supervisor

I am part of a team who helps to ensure the best caregiver is in place to assist our clients – not just with the help they need at home but to stay safe during this pandemic. Being a nurse for Regent Healthcare solidifies why I went into nursing-to give compassionate care 100% of the time to anyone in my care and this makes me #proudtobeessential.


Clinical Supervisor

I love seeing my patients in their own environment and helping them in whatever way I can.

Kim C

Oncall Clinical Supervisor

I love Nursing! It is one of my passions. As I celebrate 28 yrs. this month, I’ve seen a lot, like Nursing through a pandemic! I love being a part of the Regent Family and ensuring that our wonderful Caregivers & Nurses have the tools to succeed in caring for our senior community. In return, our clients and families have peace of mind knowing they are receiving the best in homecare.


Quality Assurance Manager

Quality Assurance Manager, Jessica, is busy at work ensuring the Regent Family is educated, safe, and up-to-date during the pandemic. All while representing our great state of Maryland. #proudtobeessential #oneregent



I am proud to be an essential worker, because I am still doing what I love doing the most – helping people. Being an essential worker gives me a lot of satisfaction, helping my client during this global pandemic. #proudtobeessential #OneRegent



I am proud to be essential because each day I get to care for those in a dignified way while developing a rapport of trust and personal relationship. I am able to be a voice and support for the ones who need me. I love caring for others while giving them a sense of security and helping them maintain a sense of independence. Seeing a smile on my clients face and a gleam in their eyes is a wonderful gift that personally solidifies why I love what I do.



Introducing our newest member to the recruiting team, Evelyn! She has hit the ground running and hasn’t looked back. We are so very excited for her to join our family and can’t wait to meet all the wonderful caregivers she adds to the family.