Governor Hogan’s COVID-19 Press Release – March 19, 2020

Governor Hogan gave a riveting update this morning in response to both, Maryland’s first death by COVID-19, as well as, first confirmed case in a child (5 yr old). His, “All hands on deck” approach will soon prove its impact in the days to come. With the number of cases growing 88% in 48 hours, his approach is nothing short of necessary.

On behalf of the Nations Governors Association, Gov. Hogan will be submitting 5 requests to the president, vice president, and leaders in both houses of Congress requesting them to:

  1. Dedicate at least 50 percent of supplemental funding to the states, including direct funding, and act quickly on waiver requests
  2. Increase access to PPE, masks, test kits, extraction kits, and accelerating the production of life-saving equipment, such as ventilators
  3. Support Title 32 authorization to give governors maximum flexibility for use of the National Guard
  4. Provide guidance on implementation of Defense Production Act to include what health and medical resources Secretary of Health and Human Services Azar is prioritizing under his new authority
  5. Allow more time and flexibility for completion of both the Census and the transition to REAL ID

In addition, here is a short list of the many immediate actions the Governor has vowed to take on:

  • LIMITING GATHERINGS AND ORDERING CLOSURE OF SHOPPING MALLS: This includes all enclosed shopping malls, as well as bowling alleys and pool halls.
  • RESTRICTING ACCESS TO BWI MARSHALL AIRPORT TERMINAL: Only ticketed passengers and employees only at this time. Exceptions will be made for visitors assisting disabled passengers.
  • ALLOWING TRANSIT FOR ESSENTIAL TRAVEL ONLY: The state is urging citizens to utilize transit for essential travel only, including emergency personnel, front-line health care workers, and anyone whose job is critical to the supply chain.
  • HOSPITAL SURGE PLAN: vow to make 900 beds available immediately. (By early April, another 1,400 beds are expected to come online. The multi-phase plan calls for adding capacity of up to 6,000 beds).
  • FLEXIBILITY FOR EMERGENCY MEDICAL PERSONNEL: Issued an emergency order to allow greater flexibility for emergency medical services personnel to augment other health care providers. This action will help bolster the state’s hospital surge plan.
  • RELAUNCH OF MARYLAND UNITES: Maryland Unites initiative to connect Marylanders with resources and highlight stories of generosity and compassion amid the crisis. To learn more, visit
  • TEMPERATURE CHECKS AT STATE HOUSE: The Department of General Services has instituted temperature checks and health screenings at the State House with the assistance of National Guard medical personnel.
  • LIFTING RESTRICTIONS ON DELIVERY TRUCKS: To help facilitate the movement of essential supplies, Governor Hogan has issued an emergency order to lift restrictions on the capacity of delivery trucks. Motor vehicles transporting equipment or supplies directly related to the COVID-19 state of emergency are allowed to exceed legal weight limits by up to 15%. The State Highway Administrator may also temporarily waive or modify hauling permit restrictions and conditions deemed safe and appropriate.

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