10 Reasons to Choose Home Care

10 Reasons to Choose Home Care

Making care decisions for  your loved one can be overwhelming, with many factors to consider and options to choose from.  At Regent Healthcare, we believe that In-Home Care can be an option for everyone.  We have compiled our top 10 reasons why home care is a good option.

1.) Home Care Promotes Healing

It is scientifically proven that patients heal faster and rehabilitate better at home, in familiar environment where they are more comfortable.  This is particularly true for patients with dementia.

2.) Home Care is Safe

Many risks such as infection are eliminated or minimized when care is given at home.  Quality home care by professional caregivers can also prevent issues like frequent falls or hospitalization.

3.) Home Care Allows for an Individual’s Optimum Level of Independence

Hospitals and facilities are a regimented and regulated environment.  Patients at home may continue to be engaged with their typical daily activities as their health permits, allowing individuals to remain in their community.  Home care also allows individuals the most control over their care and the manner in which they receive it.

4.) Home Care is Personalized

Home care is tailored to the unique needs of each individual.  Furthermore, home care is delivered one-on-one allowing a bond to develop between patient and caregiver.

5.) Home Care Eases the Burden on the Family

With the length of hospital stays decreasing, patients are going home earlier and many of them prefer to rehabilitate at home.  Families may feel inadequate or unable to provide their loved ones with the help that they might need.

6.) Home Care is Less Expensive

Home care is far less expensive than lengthly hospitalization and almost always less costly than comparable placement in a nursing home.  You do not need to move or sell your home and you only pay for the care you actually need.

7.) Home Care is Flexible and Promotes Continuity in Healthcare

Home care schedules and services can easily change as the indivdual needs change.  Home care professionals can coordinate care with existing Physicians.

8.) Home Care is Preferred

Home care is the preferred method of healthcare by the American public.

9.) Home Care Prevents or Postpones Institutionalizations

 No one wants to be placed in a nursing home.  Many home care companies have 24-7 assistance with skilled nursing professionals that work under Physician’s orders to provide the same level of skilled nursing care in the home.

10.) Home Care is Delivered at Home

An individual’s home is their sanctuary and their respite.  There is familiarity and comfort being in one’s environment, surrounded by their loved ones.  Home care is comfortable care.

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